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by RandomWalk

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Poesy Rider
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Poesy Rider Encore un groupe à côté duquel tout le monde est en train de passer, et c'est bien dommage. Ok, Randomwalk ne révolutionne pas le metal, mais un bon groupe qui sort un bon album, c'est toujours bon à prendre. Favorite track: Cellar Door.
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unidual So, gothic + (melo)death + orchestral touch might not be a unique combination.

Yet, the result obtained by RandomWalk is quite unique, brillant and emotional.
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Descent 02:26
The Light 03:52
Sweating blood and gulping tears. It’s growing colder. Turned out the light. God you bastard. And I am still right here, with my razortongued smile. And I am still right here, Torching my funeral pile I feel it… Morning breeze and autumn ashes. The stench of fear and I… We stand in final peace. I wished for some redemption, Weaving a breathless night. No blissful dawn came for me. No sign of splendid light. And I am still right here, with my razortongued smile. I’m still right here, Breathing my dear denial. I feel it… Morning breeze and autumn ashes. My precious fear and I… Becoming the abyss. Searching for the light… A sign of splendid light… So rape me, erase me, There’s still nowhere to run. Obliterate, eradicate Bring it on to the prodigal son. So rape me, erase me, My winter never knows decay. Obliterate, eradicate I’ll live to fight another day.
Promises 03:48
Darkness rules this empty space. I’m just a king of mist. Scorn fed cold embrace. “Can you remember me?” Darkness rules this dreadful place. I’m just the filthy beast. One man bereft of grace that wields the dagger of deceit… “You know you have seen me before.” She held her breath and stood in silence… “You know you have seen me before.” “I promise I will never let you go…” More screaming and blood on the floor, I will not shed another tear. More screaming and blood on the floor, “I will be back my dear…” If you really think this is the right ending, I will let you close the book. But, you’ll never know what really happens. Dead again, Gone again, Is this worth fighting for? Born again, Found again, The bloodstains on the floor… 1000 years of murder, Damnation always wins. 1000 years of murder, Repenting for my sins. “You know you have seen me before.” She took a step and lived the lie… “You know you have seen me before.” “I promise you nothing… Goodbye.”
Drop by drop, I wish you could have seen me smiling, As if I really cared for anything like you… Hours fly by, I really wish you could be mine. Notes form chords, I’m draining out the best of you… Now stand still And give me your last drop… This is the maker’s way You’ll soon be mine This is the maker’s way You’re mine… Drop by drop, I wish you could have seen me smiling, It’s been a pleasure but I’ve got to move along… Tic-tac-toe, I want to play a little game with you, Notes form chords, I’ve lived in shadows for so long… Now stand still. And give me your last drop…
Another crack of light, The misty shore’s so far away. Another lightning flash, Shows me the way. Another crack of light, The water’s dark and freezing. Her arms around me, griping tight. Hold on to me my love! The shipwreck miles behind, Exhaustion breaks into my mind, The pouring rain is beating hard, Give me your hand… The sound of angel glee, The voice of heaven mocking me, The apparition blinds my sight, All dressed in moonlight. So hard to breathe, So hard to stay awake, A still and silent prayer For some spark to lead our way. Cold fingers try to warm you, It’s getting hard to hold you. We savor every moment as this nightmare flows on. Devoid of human flesh, The lady’s mouth lays silent, She stared at me with cinder eyes, Perhaps the devil in disguise? To feel her golden hair, To taste her kiss would be a dream. She is a form of childhood whim. Oh, how I love thee…. The tender crack of dawn, The morning finds us on the shore I turn my head, I’m not alone, My love’s asleep… I touched her wounded knee, I felt her pulse so silent. She felt so cold, I kissed her head, and she was laying dead…
Hourglass 03:54
Tainted seed, I’m chocking, I won’t be coming home. Mother! I’m all alone, A skin that’s burning cold… Chainsaw pride, I’m smiling, I know you love to hate me. Stained, I’ve lived in shame, Watching the stars portray my name. Can you see? Feel this? Can you understand me? Deceitful and faithless, A servant of the lie, I am the hourglass eye. My hell, I’ve found you! There’s no one at the door. Mother! I’m all alone. I won’t be coming home.
Evergreen 03:15
Wonder why the room grows darker? Why the years have passed you by… Searching far too deep, You’ve known the truth all along. Now it’s time to sleep, Listening to the same old song. Take a look at what you’ve done, And fall on your knees, Your cries are never enough. Don’t ask for release. Scratching the walls in anxious desire, Hatred so vengeful, baptized in fire, Silent amends won’t pardon your crime, The scars on your skin, keep marking the time.
The Well 03:03
Silence falls; I’ve known it all along, Inside my burial chamber, This is where I belong. This is my last surrender. My voices speak no more, No more pathetic guilt and shame, No conscience to abhor, I chose to end the twisted game. I’m tumbling down the well again, Let them come. Walking down my mind, My sins are standing in line. Greeting me gently with a smile. They take me by surprise, I speak but they won’t answer, One thousand lifeless eyes. Like black disease and cancer. They’re coming, gleaming blades, Shrilling and laughing and pounding my mind, feeding my wings to the flames. My brood of cursed shades. I’ve always liked their twisted games. Cleaning my image, devouring my past Silently searching for peace in the dust, Caressing my ego, reviving my skin, I’m gladly committing another dark sin. And I’m shifting away.
Stormcrows 03:02
Rain and still you’re staring at me, Frozen cold fingers that shiver, Rain and still you’re smiling at me, Another cold night by the river… Kneel down and beg for release, Frozen cold raindrops and tears, Broken and shattered I touch the abyss, Awaiting her tender and terminal kiss… Stormcrows dividing my will, A liquidskinned mistress and mother, Stormcrows in for the kill, The final embrace of a lover… Tell me, what do you see in here? Are you really afraid? Tell me, why are you in here? Would you rather be someone else right now? Swarm in… I feel it… Black wings in a soundless beating thrill… Elation, Temptation, Feeding down upon my will… My god forgive me, I am a sinner in this massive loss euphoria, God please forgive me, Are you happy now you son of a bitch? Stormcrows…
Cellar Door 03:43
“My eye is fixed upon you My voice will guide you through. Open your mouth to madness”. Only once I heard his name. He was crying through the cellar door. Four nights, disgusting shame. You know I’m not the one to blame. Open your mouth to madness. Open your mouth to madness. My eye is fixed upon you My voice will guide you through. Never heard something like this before. As he was crying through the cellar door. Voices from below, Begging for a tender touch. Crying in the candle light, What’s going on inside? Shadows strike you blind. Smile and grant a tender touch. Messing with your mind. Breathe and dig your hands inside. Breathe…
Silence 04:04
Sun down, the beauty of crimson shades, Sun down, the light of your precious moon, Night falls, the sound of your breathing fades. It will all be over… It starts, the tremor so warm and kind, It stirs beneath our deformed remains, One small and beautiful glance behind, Then, Darkness, to thy work… Sun down, farewells to the crimson shades, We carve the light of our precious moon Night falls, the sound of our breathing fades. It will all be over soon. Sun down, let it flood and set a blister there. Have you eyes? Have you hands to seize damnation? Confess yourself to heaven and fly, Make a wish and kiss this hell goodbye. Let it flow, let it rise, let it reek the skies. One lonely heartbeat taking shape… Proclaim no shame, And follow the scent that leads us to this dark descent. The rest is silence and broken constellations. As we celebrate our fall. Sun down, let it grow and strike the stuff of stars. Have you fears? Have you tears to melt creation? Rejoice your fall to blackness and shine, Be the blaze that lights our slow decline. Let it glow, let it rise, let it scorch the skies. One final, gentle, fond embrace… Proclaim no shame, And follow the scent that leads us to this dark descent.


I for an I Records & Media 2010

Recorded, engineered & mixed in the Silicon Factory by E. Flamos.
Mastered by Waldemar Sorychta.

Produced by RandomWalk. All music written by RandomWalk. All lyrics by Jean Baptiste. Arrangements by E. Flamos & RandomWalk.

Additional vocals on tracks 2, 3, 5 and 11 by Maya. Bass performance by Golgotha.

Artwork & layout by NePhiLiM


released October 29, 2010


all rights reserved



RandomWalk Athens, Greece

RandomWalk was formed in the winter of 2005 in Athens.
Combining the aggresion of death metal with the lyricism of atmospheric gothic, RandomWalk joined the roster of I for an I Records & Media and released their first album "Redemption" in 2008.
In 2010 they return with their second full-length album "Absolution".

Line up:
Jean Baptiste
Monsieur Nonsense
Harry Mason
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